Awakening Artists

August, 2022

Storyteller Foundation Award


JOCELYN JONES wins Michael D Publishers Award at the Winter Story Summit for Best Memoir.
“Jocelyn Jones is working on a memoir as thrilling as James Joyce’s Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man,” says Michael D Butler of Michael D Publishers.

“The vision of the Story Summits,” says David Kirkpatrick, Story Summit Founder, former President of Paramount Pictures and former Production Chief of Walt Disney Pictures, “is not only to encourage the art of writing but to help authors launch commercial products in film, TV, and literature. More than ever before the world is in need of strong, wise storytellers.”

Each season, Story Summit gathers award-winning professionals from across the globe to provide intimate, meaningful and productive relationships with screenwriters and authors in an inspiring, immersive and naturally beautiful environment.

Joining other writers in the Caribbean, Jones will take advantage of a writing week focused on art, commerce, craft, and community at the writers’ summit.

“Jocelyn Jones’ memoir, Artist: Awakening the Spirit Within is about process, and connecting to the creative spirit in us all,” says Butler. “Artist not only traverses the road from her troubled youth to the emergence of an artist and teacher but, also in an extraordinarily unique manner, intertwines the keys to good acting with pathways to a deeper spiritual sense for artists and civilians alike.”

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