Awakening Artists

Jocelyn Jones’s bestselling book

Artist: Awakening the Spirit Within has been showered with prestigious awards. 

The National Association of Book Entrepreneurs

NABE has honored some of the finest books published by small press. They also publish and feature their award
winners in their best-selling magazine Book Dealers World.

Pinnacle Book Achievement Award

The Literary Titan Book Award

The Literary Titan association awards books that have astounded and amazed with unique writing styles, vivid worlds, complex characters, and original ideas from brilliant authors.

The Hollywood Book Festival

This festival honors books that deserve greater recognition from the film, television, and multimedia communities. The book festival is one of the only publishing festivals geared toward adapting print into different media.

The American Book Festival

The American Book festival honors excellence in writing. Artist: Awakening the Spirit Within is the 2022 Winner in the Creative Non-Fiction category.

The Book Excellence Award

Book Excellence is an internationally recognized awards program designed to help winners increase their credibility, visibility, and book sales.

Paris Book Festival

The Paris Book Fair is one of Europe’s most important cultural events. Held at the Exhibitions Park in Porte de Versailles, every Spring, it welcomes thousands of publishers and authors from around the world.

The New York City Big Book Award

The NYC Big Book Awards invites all publishers, authors and presses to compete directly. Books recognized as Winners or Distinguished Favorites of the New York City Big Book Award® are celebrated by industry experts.

“We want to help find audiences for these books and to celebrate the printed book in the town that makes authors superstars.”

The Independent Author Network

IAN’s annual international contest is open to all authors. It’s mission is to discover outstanding books from around
the world.

Shelf Unbound Indie Book Competition

This competition honors the best self-published or independently published books. The winner, finalists, and 100 notable books from the competition are celebrated by the publishing world and featured in the December/January issue of Shelf Unbound.

Feathered Quill Book Award

The mission of the Feathered Quill Awards is to offer writers encouragement and notoriety. Its literary dedication captures an impressive array of feedback, prizes, and proclamations.

The Living Now Evergreen Book Medal

The Living Now Evergreen Medal is a special category of the Living Now Awards that commemorates world-changing books. Their mission is to recognizing books for their contributions to positive global change.

The Story Summit

The Storytellers Foundation gathers award-winning professionals and accomplished experts from across the
globe to provide intimate, meaningful mentorships with authors.

In 2020 Jocelyn won the top non-fiction scholarship prize, The Michael D Publishers Award, for the first draft of her memoir, Artist.

“Jocelyn Jones is working on a memoir as thrilling as James Joyce’s Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man,” says Michael D Butler of Michael D Publishers.

The Royal Dragonfly Book Award

This contest honors excellence in all types of literature, recognizing creativity and hard work for a comprehensive list of genres. Contest winners garner instant credibility, and attention from the media.

The Wishing Shelf Book Award

Every book entered in this popular UK competition is judged by a minimum of 15 book-loving readers. They range from 18 to 85- years-old. There are doctors, vets, teachers, library assistants, publishers, telephone engineers, translators, and editors among them.

The Chanticleer International—Hearten Award

This CIBA category recognizes emerging new talent and outstanding works in the genre of Uplifting & Inspiring Non-Fiction and Memoir.

Chanticleer International Mind & Spirit Award

The CIBA Mind and Spirit Book Award recognizes outstanding works in the genre of Enlightenment and Well-Being Non-Fiction and Memoir.

Chanticleer International I & I Book Award

The CIBA I & I Non-Fiction Award recognize emerging new talent and outstanding works in Instruction and Insight that are self-help, how-to, guides, or explanatory.

The Independent Press Award

The IPA recognizes deserving and often unsung titles published by independent authors and publishers, and bring them to the attention of booksellers, buyers, librarians, and book lovers around the world.