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In Class with Jocelyn Jones Previews

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EP 1: “Give, give, give!” (46 mins)
EP 2: “You Can’t Play What You Judge” (28 mins)
EP: 3 Acting Is Much Simpler Than We Think (39 mins)
EP: 4 The Story Is Told In Behavior (48 mins)
EP: 5 You Are Not ‘Your Story’ (38 mins)
EP: 6 Where’s Momma’s Plant? (47 mins)
EP: 7 Aways Look For The Opposite (48 mins)
EP: 8 Pearls On A String (47 mins)
EP: 9 Creativity And Joy Go Hand In Hand (48 mins)
EP: 10 I Don’t Think This Is God’s Dress (48 mins)
EP: 11 Who Better Than You? (53 mins)
EP: 12 Comedy Is Character Plus Evaluation (52 mins)
EP: 13 You Have To Throw The Cat In The Air (36 mins)
EP: 14 “Ultimately We’re Teaching You To Direct Yourselves” (48 mins)
EP: 15 “More Living! More Being! Less Thinking!” (46 mins)
EP: 16 “What A Glorious Ride This Has Been!” (39 mins)

In Class with Jocelyn Jones